From Word to eBook – what we do

CUT’s Publishing Process

A few CUT writers have expressed an interest in how we convert their basic Word document into a fully formed eBook available for sale.

There are two intertwined processes applied to every submission, to ensure quality and consistency:

  • Processing through CUT’s unique IT software;
  • Reading and evaluation by the CUT Editorial Team

Initial Receipt of Uploaded Work

  • Work is first processed through CUT584 StyleConvertor to create the standard (NAWE approved) style format
  • This assists the editorial process by presenting submissions to the editor in a consistent, high quality style, in the format that the reader will ultimately see

Editorial Stage – Reading and Assessment

  • Each piece of work is read thoroughly by the CUT Editorial Team, sometimes more than once, to ensure it is of publishable standard, in line with the CUT editorial policy. We give the same care and attention to every piece of work – flash fiction, short story, novella, novel, or poetry.
  • Minor errors will be corrected, but at this stage work is occasionally rejected, if:-
    • It contains a substantial number of typographical errors (as distinct from creative choices)
    • It is clichéd, insufficiently crafted, or generally unrewarding for the reader, and therefore of a standard not acceptable to the CUT community
  • In the event of rejection, the writer is contacted and the editor will provide as much information as possible on areas where the piece could be improved.

Editorial Approval

When a piece of work is approved by the CUT Editor, a trial eBook is compiled via the CUT eBookPress, and checked on a least two forms of e-reading device.

All being well, the writer is contacted to inform and congratulate them that the work is being loaded on the CUT platform.

It then appears on the Home page of the CUT site in the ‘New releases’ section. If it’s the first work we’ve published by the writer, they will also appear on the Home page under ‘recently published writers’.

At the same time, the ebook will be added to the list of available work on your Writer Profile Page (see this example), and also to the relevant genre listings.

Point of Sale

For each individual purchase, the eBook is uniquely compiled via the CUT eBookPress software, to create both an ePub file and a Mobi file (for Kindle).  It brings together:-

  • The cover image provided by the writer
  • Copyright and accreditation details
  • The edited, CUT584 styled story
  • The writer’s biography and photograph
  • Links for reader review and social media

Because each purchased eBook is in effect unique, we are able to tag it individually with the purchaser’s details and date, using CUT eTag software. This forms a defence against illicit file sharing, helping to protect the writer’s copyright.

And because each eBook is dynamically compiled at the time of purchase, the writer (through their account management facility) can update their details, such as biography or picture, at any time they wish, and these updates will be reflected in all subsequent eBooks purchased.

Lastly, the purchaser is provided with the eBook in two formats – Epub and Mobi, enabling it to be read on any form of device, including e-readers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. They can chose to download the eBook either from the CUT site or from an email which is sent to them.

The reader is later invited to post a review of the eBook on the site, to provide feedback to the writer, and to encourage further purchases – see an example.

Find out more about selling your work on CUT –  we publish ebooks of any form of creative writing, including flash fiction and short stories.

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