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If you're looking to inject some action and adventure into your life then look no further than our action ebooks. A great action novel can be the perfect antidote to day to day life; an escape into an action-packed world that even Hollywood moviemakers would struggle to recreate.
Our selection of short action stories is perfect for bringing a touch of danger and excitement to your life. Each action ebook is packed full of twists and turns, with just enough suspense and danger to keep you on your toes. Whether you're looking to lose yourself in the world of a mysterious spy or stay hot on the heels of a rookie detective, take a look at our range of ebooks below.
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Don Rintoul
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Will felt like he was getting closer to understanding what they meant, in a way. He would sit on the grass and look up, watching, listening and letting their truth come to him. If he forced it too much, it would not be the truth. That mattered.
Easy Meat
Hazel Ward
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"Mac spots her straight away. She stands inside the door for a while as if trying to make up her mind whether to brave the journey to the bar..." A sinister man gets more than he bargains for when he makes a move on a young woman in a bar.
The Real Me
F. Linday
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This is a new adult story about a student called Nicky. She juggles caring responsibility challenges alongside attempting to have a social life.
Annette Liron
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A last ditch attempt by King Louis to defeat the British and take control of Jersey. A fictional tale of the invasion, organised and led by a notorious mercenary and the bravery of a fouteen-year-old boy.
Cheat the Hangman
Albert Woods
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Sometimes Abel might feel uneasy about a roping if, say, his victim was young and misguided, or an abused female. But mostly he couldn't give a damn. He couldn't afford to. It was a job that had to be done, and done well; a skill; a craft.
The Bounty Hunter
Jeanne Valentine
£2.99 Added
Will this be his last bounty? Gilman must decide after capturing an outlaw who claims he is not the man. Before he can decide what to do, another bounty hunter turns up unexpectedly.
A Fit Punishment
Marvin Douglas
£1.99 Added
A victim of an attempted gang rape wreaks an appropriate revenge.














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