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Simon's Body
Alyson Morris
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Did Jo really kill Simon?
Winemakers' Soup
Carmen Nina Walton
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A young woman discovers something that threatens the family traditions that keep her safe.
The She-Lord and Her Tailor
Cherry Potts
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A fairy tale for adults and older children, in which a tailor meets a very large cat, and tries to sell her some clothes.
Megan Palmer
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An elderly woman takes her wheelchair-bound husband on a mysterious journey at dawn - but why? Transit is a tale of the power of life-long love, set against the incomprehensible vastness of the universe.
Brenda Ray
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It's hard to describe what it was that made Grandma's house so spooky, but as long as I could remember, something permeated the house with a sense of unease. It was not until I was ten that I heard about Esme...
Emily Bronte Unbound
Stephen Shieber
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Moving into your first flat with a lover is a stressful time, but when precious objects become damaged, there'll be tears before bedtime. Thank goodness for the Bronte family band!
A Feast of Flash Fictions
Brindley Hallam Dennis
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Ten Flash Fictions, from 449, to 96 words short...illicit affairs and railroad crashes, murderous spouses and vengeful neighbours.
The Gun Shearer
Clare Chandler
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The arrival of a young sheep shearer at a farm in New South Wales has a profound effect on the owner, bringing back memories of a pivotal moment from her past. The Gun Shearer was shortlisted for the Costa Short Story Award.

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