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God is Over All
James Roderick Burns
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In December 1900, three lighthouse keepers on a remote Scottish island - battered by Atlantic storms and the intense emotions of confinement - disappear without trace, leaving an enduring mystery in this most mysterious of places.
Land of Their Fathers
Derek Neale
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This is the story of two characters in a small town in Wales who only meet once, with shocking consequences.
Is Nothing
Cherry Potts
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A flash fiction story - someone is hiding in the maize fields, someone who needs help.
Edward Cartner
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A retired soldier and widower visits a war grave and so discovers the identity of his father.
Human Fossil
Denise Hayes
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A futuristic tale inspired by the story of Pygmalion.
Days to Come
Brindley Hallam Dennis
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A collection of eight short speculative fictions with a Lake District flavour.
Glory, or Hope
Cherry Potts
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Two goddesses meet on a beach.

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