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Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother
Sean McSweeney
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Everyone knows it will happen. But who do we blame? Ourselves? Each other? Me? You? Them?
Animals and Children
Paul Lahert
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After a making a sale that is going to save his year, Craig Flynn finds his good run continues during a boozy card game with colleagues. But the hangover is coming...
Pricks of Conscience
Phil Emery
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The partition doors. The other side scored with a frenzy of deep, narrow lines. Like the scratches of lunatic hypodermics. The message. That insane message.
Milk Crates For Fists
Adam Glennon
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A memoir piece told in the historical present about a drug fuelled night during the nineteen nineties.
Bubble Juggler
Maria Herring
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A macabre tale inspired by the haunting artwork of Andrew Kinsman.
Tante Rouge
Cherry Potts
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Hannah is on her way to the bus stop when she is accosted by a man offering her eternal life. Once she gets over the surprise, her feelings are decidedly mixed
Mr H's Angels
Jo Reardon
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London in the eighteenth century is no place to raise a child alone, without money or a place to live. Lili knows that the only hope her son has of living a better life is to take him to the Foundling Hospital where he might, if he's lucky, find a place in Mr Handel's famous choir. ('Mr H's Angels' was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Short Story Prize in 2014)

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