CUT LogoCUT is a free-to-publish writer community. A social network for writers combined with highly innovative technology, enabling superbly easy publishing and marketing of contemporary writing to a global reader audience.




CUT launched in late 2014, following three years and over 10,000 hours of development which included collaboration on international ebook formatting with The National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE).


Beautiful ebooks

From the inception of CUT the clear objective was to set a global quality standard for how a writer’s creative work should be digitally formatted and how the ebook should be presented. The example shows the cover of the ebook by Sarah Salway – Alphabet Wednesdays. 


Other key objectives were: that the ebooks be available for commercial sale, where the writer sets and manages the selling price themselves; that submission for publication be a simple trouble-free process for the writer; that the digital files should work on all digital reading devices; that CUT technology, which is being patented, should enable a ‘free-to-publish’ service for quality contemporary writing; and most importantly - CUT should be totally writer-centric, partnering with the writer on a shared 50/50 ‘fair deal’ basis, whilst CUT carries the burden of ebook publication and on-line marketing.


All of these objectives have been met and CUT intends launching to a global audience of readers from Beijing to New York in 2016.


The ultimate development and launch of CUT represents a fantastic opportunity for writers, enabling them to have their creative work e-published at no charge in beautiful ebooks, and to market it to a global reading audience. It also enables writers to join a social network where the community is completely ‘writer-centric’.    


The Writer’s Profile Page

Having launched in November 2014, the team at CUT is delighted with the response they have received from writers, with over 250 already registered. When a writer registers they are provided with their own ‘marketing’ page on the CUT platform which displays their photograph, their biography, a short interview, any posts which they make, a link to their YouTube readings and most importantly their work which is available for sale, priced as they desire.


CUT has e-published over 350 ebooks in the first half of 2015, including work by Derek Neale – Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the Open University, who has a number of ebooks published on CUT.


In a recent interview Derek stated:-


“I would definitely recommend CUT to other writers, in fact I already have done so”.





Gill James - Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Salford University recently posted on her CUT blog:-


“Visiting the CUT site is like going into an old-fashioned sweetshop. There are jars of enticing sweets, all looking fabulous yet tasting completely different from one another and collectively making the shelves groan.


Of course, not all of the stories here are sweet or brightly coloured. Some of them, including the ones I've posted, are darker...”





CUT YouTube Channel for Writers’ Readings

A key feature of the CUT offer to writers is its YouTube channel, where CUT is building a library of videos of writers reading extracts from their work. The video can be submitted electronically by the writer, or CUT can arrange to produce it by appointment at one of their events, organised in conjunction with writers’ organisations. This is seen as a key platform to promote writers and their work.


Global on-line Marketing Reach

CUT is focused on selling writers’ work to a global on-line reading audience; attracting this audience requires a leading edge on-line marketing strategy.


At an early stage CUT partnered with Luke Quilter - CEO of the leading online marketing agency Sleeping Giant Media, to work closely in the development and to set out longer term marketing plans (www.sleeping SGM will manage the ‘roll-out’ of CUT to readers across the globe.


Luke recently stated:- “CUT is singularly the most innovative on-line publishing platform on the web today. It offers writers a great opportunity to get their work to a global reading audience and the tools to market it. Somewhat like Linked-in for writers!


Writer’s Agreement

CUT has been created as a ‘writer-centric’ proposition, placing the writer at the heart of everything it does. So care has been taken to develop a strong, clear and fair agreement with the writer. Critically this agreement represents a non-exclusive publishing deal, where the writer retains total ownership of the copyright for the creative work.


The CUT writer’s agreement, which sets out clear terms – thereby safeguarding the writer’s copyright. Key attributes of the agreement are:-

  • CUT makes no charge for:-
    • setting up the Writer Profile Page - a great marketing vehicle for creative work
    • editing writers’ submissions and setting them in NAWE approved CUT584 format
    • e-publishing a writer’s work through innovative software to convert it into an attractive professional ebook, in two file formats, enabling it to be read on any e-reader, tablet, Smartphone, laptop, or PC
  • The CUT writer’s agreement is non-exclusive, meaning the writer is at liberty to publish the creative content elsewhere at any time, as long as they do not use the actual CUT published ebook.
  • The writer selects the selling price for each published ebook and can thereafter alter it if they wish.
  • CUT markets writers’ ebooks through its on-line marketing and social media programmes and then shares the revenue from sales on a 50:50 basis with the writer.
  • The copyright in the work is credited to the writer at the front of every ebook, registered as a unique CUTeBNum reference number
  • CUT then adds an exclusive e-Tag, embedded into every ebook published, to protect creative work from copyright abuse.


Each work is e-published in a beautifully formatted ebook containing: a front cover with an image selected by the writer; copyright and prior publication details; the creative story itself; a picture of the writer and their biography; and it is capped off at the end with a link to allow the reader to post a review to help sell more copies.


CUT is preparing a series of seminars where writers can learn how to best utilise social media to connect with readers. Look out for further details.

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