CUT provides talented writers with a simple and effective way to publish their work online.

Our main focus is short stories, however collections of flash fiction, story collections and even novellas are also accepted. We convert your work into an e-book format and provide the platform from which you can market and sell it. Each piece of work published is provided in the two industry-standard e-book files, meaning that they can be read across all reading apps and devices.

The writer sets the price and markets the work. Using their homepage the writer can market through word of mouth and social media, with the aim of building a following that will eagerly await the next piece of work.

Note: - the writer receives 90% of all sales revenue after PayPal transaction costs.

While CUT’s influence and readership is growing, at present the platform works best for writers who also use their own personal and social media networks to market their work, build momentum and attract readers.

Our aim is to be democratising presence in online publishing. Current trends, genres or tastes are not barriers to publication. Work is published from both experienced professional writers and talented amateurs. All submissions are vetted and proof-read by our reading panel and while you can find the details of our editorial policy here, it essentially boils down to this: If we think it’s good, we publish it.


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