Naomi Richardson

Naomi Richardson

As I approach the end of my long career as a Counsellor it’s time for change. I need to recreate myself, yet again. It’s a bit like an archaeological dig - unearthing tiny gems of inspiration from the past and piecing together fragments of old passions and crackpot ideas. I’ve come across a few pockets of dirty linen too. As you can tell, I enjoy a good metaphor. I’ve written many song lyrics over the years and was a semi-finalist twice in the UK Song Writing Contest. I’ve also had the odd poem published and have now decided to take myself more seriously as a writer. I’m enjoying every minute of it – well, almost.


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When did you start writing?

2014 Kidderminster, Worcestershire

What do you love about Short Stories?

I love short stories - they're full of surprise. Other worlds in a nutshell.

Do you write in other forms?

Poetry and song lyrics; a novel (possibly)

What distracts you from writing?

Work, family, domesticity, TV...anything really.

Outside of writing, what are your other passions?

In no particular order: reading, cooking and eating, wild life and conservation, human relationships, my grandchildren.

What is your favourite book?

The Paying Guests is the most recent

Who are your favourite writers?

Haruki Murakami, David Mitchell and Donna Tart

Where is your dream location?

West Wales, by the sea, or Lindos, Rhodes.

What one item would you put into Room 101?

My endless 'to do' list.

Do you have any advice for new writers?


Work by Naomi Richardson:

Cloud 9
Naomi Richardson
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Morgan is concerned about her mother... ‘She’s been living at the Cloud 9 care home for a few months now and in that time her memory seems to have gone downhill rapidly. It’s probably just the effects of the move, but it’s a real worry and as her only daughter I feel totally responsible for her. This parent, child reversal thing is a steep learning curve'. 'I chuckle to myself as I recall my visit with Mum yesterday. There we were in the communal lounge, often a fairly dismal place – bewildered people, mostly women, sitting marooned around the walls. It can be an uncomfortable void at times; a fretful silence, a waiting for something to happen, but yesterday? Well, yesterday was completely different'. How will Morgan handle what happens next?
The Daddy In The Box
Naomi Richardson
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It’s early 1950’s and 4-year-old Ruth is embarking on a new phase of her young life. She’s off to live at the seaside, with her great aunts, Constance, Rose and Pearly Trice. The story covers the next few years of Ruth’s life as she struggles to come to terms with the mystery surrounding her father and the bewildering behaviour of adults. ‘Ruth is in seventh heaven, sticky with candyfloss and riding high on a wild, painted horse. Music whirls and giggles in her ears and she never, ever wants to let go. She sees Mummy is watching from below and is giddy with her own power. Back down on the ground floating ducks bob and beckon and the exciting drama of winning prizes unfolds. Ruth manages to catch one of the little yellow ducks on the end of her fishing rod and wins a beach ball. She discovers that winning is wildly intoxicating and is well and truly hooked.

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