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To aid your selection process, we have created a number of categories, which are not genre-specific. Inside each one you will find e-books by a wide variety of writers, across the full spectrum of genres. Simply click on a category image below, to see the range of e-books it contains. Then click on an e-book to see its genre(s) an outline of its content, and any reviews it's received, before you decide to buy.  


Some writers have chosen to create collections of some of their work, in some cases with a common theme. The stories in each one may vary in length, but our word count shows you the number of words in total in the e-book

E-books by new CUT writers

The latest publications by new writer-members of the CUT community

New releases

The latest e-books to be published on CUT, in order of publication

Flash fiction

The expresso of literature - short pieces of up to 1,000 words

Short stories

A favourite of the CUT community - creative short stories of between 1,001 and 10,000 words

Longer short stories

Extending into the realm of the novella, this category includes stories between 10,001 and 50,000 words 


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