CUT campaigns against VAT on e-books....

CUT - The Writers e-Publishing Social Network, is urging UK Government to abolish VAT on the sale of e-books. They are asking that the UK Treasury (HMRC) begins the process of abolition unilaterally and then lobbies the EU to do likewise.

A CUT spokesperson said: “Reading is fundamental to education and as such hard copy books have been excluded from the scope of VAT since it was established over 40 years ago and yet HMRC classifies an e-book as a program download, which attracts VAT.” 

CUT asserts that this is wrong as e-books are used by readers in exactly the same way and for the same purposes as hard copy equivalents.

Taxing education, literature and creativity cannot be accepted, so CUT has launched “CAVe” (CUT against VAT on e-books). They encourage readers and writers to sign the CAVe online petition demonstrating support for the abolition of this opportunist tax policy.

Interested parties can obtain further information by contacting:

Bill Mitchell
+44 (0)7966 772619

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