CUT - Changing the publishing model

Remember the humble music CD and how the music industry was unprepared for the download and streaming revolution? Now the publishing sector is facing a similar upheaval, driven by digitisation and new technology, evolving consumer attitudes, reading-ready smartphones, tablets and Kindles, digital file structures and trending toward the quick-read. 

However the majority of writers still can't get into mainstream publishing And the market is polarised between an elite of top authors backed by publishers (who are looking for low risk guaranteed winners) and small online self-publishing 'friend' web sites with limited technical capability, and small capacity or resource to deliver their work to a wider audience.

The result is that the rising innovative talent, who are seen by publishers as high risk, cannot find their way to the global reader audience who in turn are starved of cutting edge, original contemporary material. 

Why should this be? Quality writing can now be published online without the cost barriers of the traditional risk-averse publishing model.

For the reader, local bookshops are disappearing, with supermarkets and online retailers pushing best-sellers and limiting choice. They deserve access to great literature in all its forms - including poetry, short stories, serialisations, flash fiction and full format novels. The traditional market has not and currently cannot deliver such choice.

21st Century e-Publishing - a new way! 

CUT publishes e-books online in all genres and formats, through its Free-to-Publish service for writers of quality contemporary writing, enabled by unique CUT technology. Readers can browse through their favourite genres and explore exciting new works and writers without having today's best sellers continually promoted on their screens. 

With its deep links with professional writer groups CUT has unique access to quality contemporary writers and operates a cutting-edge, pioneering approach to great literature.

Built by writers for writers, CUT ensures freedom to publish on a "writer fair deal" basis, enabling and encouraging writers to find and engage with a global audience. 

Since its launch in May 2015 CUT has published 400+ e-books from over 300 writers, with writer membership growing exponentially. 

CUT is a main future stream of publishing, creating opportunity for much more great creative writing to find the route-to-market of a global audience of adventurous readers.

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