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The innovative technology behind CUT - The Writers’ ePublishing Social Network - enables a unique Free-to-Publish service to be provided through a simple, user-friendly platform.


CUT offers its writer members a free-to-publish, non-exclusive, 50/50 fair deal, along with an array of on-line marketing tools. Shortly after the site's inception it became apparent that in order to deliver this superlative proposition, innovative technology would be essential. From a wide-ranging review of available applications it was clear that CUT needed to ‘build it from scratch’. So began a three year (over 10,000 man-hours) development which culminated in the CUT technology now awaiting patent. Pure technology provides the process of converting a writer’s Word file (of any format) into a professional, high quality ebook in an almost completely automated process. This allows CUT editorial staff to concentrate on the creative content, eliminating hours of formatting effort. There is no equivalent technology in existence.


The technology sequences into three distinct software applications, which complement the CUT editorial team’s thorough reading of all submitted work, and editing, where appropriate, (see CUT blog).


cut 584 logoCUT584 StyleConverter

A software application which automatically converts wide ranging formatting and source document files into the CUT584 style standard. The CUT584 style standard was developed in co-operation with NAWE (The National Association of Writers in Education) who are the UK subject association for Creative Writing in Education at the leading UK universities.



ebook press logoCUT eBookPress

Technology which enables high quality draft ebooks to be compiled in seconds, requiring only an editorial audit of creative content, before publishing. Once published on the CUT platform, the final ebook data (cover images, creative text, accreditations, writer biography and image) is retained unassembled and specifically compiled at the point of each purchase. This allows a writer to ‘update’ the ebook content over time via their writer management suite. So, they can easily update their biography or photograph, or even the creative text.   



etag stamp logoCUT eTagStamp security tagging

A software application which stamps each purchased e-book file, at point of sale, with the name and email address of the buyer. This acts as a strong deterrent against sharing the file with others. eTagStamp is only possible with CUT eBookPress compiler, because it creates the file at point of sale, thereby enabling the tag to be secreted in the e-book.




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