Editorial Policy 


  • Submissions which, in the view of our reading panel, are of publishable standard, will be accepted
  • Submissions will be assessed on ideas, style, originality and impact. Stories which score well in these aspects will be accepted. Those that do not will be rejected
  • The “journey” the story takes the reader on is key. If a submission is enjoyable to read, it is likely to be successful
  • Work that is cliched, insufficiently crafted or generally unrewarding for the reader, is likely to be rejected. The same applies to work that contains a number of typographical errors or logical errors. The presence of such would be viewed as indicative of insufficient rigour on behalf of the writer
  • Stories should submitted be in a highly polished state, however, minor typographical errors in successful submissions will be corrected as part of a light-touch editing service
  • Stories will be formatted to preserve the author's exact stylistic choices, but since e-book files (Epub and Mobi) are subject to a reader's preferences as specified on their e-reader software, CUT cannot guarantee absolute consistency in how a story may be displayed on different devices. CUT uses Adobe Digital Editions as an Epub ‘check’ standard which can be downloaded here: https://www.adobe.com/uk/solutions/ebook/digital-editions/download.html
  • The formatted e-book files (Epub & Mobi) will be sent to the author when the work is published on the CUT platform. In the unlikely event of any processing error being subsequently identified, we will correct it as soon as possible
  • Writer accounts containing no successfully published work may be deactivated after a reasonable period. (Please note: an account can easily reactivated by contacting writerhelp@cutalongstory.com)



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