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Short stories in the Western genre are generally set in the American Old West in the second half of the nineteenth century. The classic protagonists are lawmen, cowboys, American Indians, frontiersmen, soldiers, outlaws and bandits. A typical Western short story is set in a wild, rugged, lawless terrain which shapes the characters, thoughts and actions of those who live in it. Western short story ebooks from CUT are often as much about spirit as they are about setting.

Cheat the Hangman
Albert Woods
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Sometimes Abel might feel uneasy about a roping if, say, his victim was young and misguided, or an abused female. But mostly he couldn't give a damn. He couldn't afford to. It was a job that had to be done, and done well; a skill; a craft.
The Bounty Hunter
Jeanne Valentine
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Will this be his last bounty? Gilman must decide after capturing an outlaw who claims he is not the man. Before he can decide what to do, another bounty hunter turns up unexpectedly.




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