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Farce is a sub-genre of the Comedy genre.  Farce short stories usually involve a series of improbable events that are exaggerated and heightened to the point of ridiculousness in order to entertain and amuse. Our farce short ebooks often depict broadly drawn, unrealistic characters who stumble their way through an intentionally overcomplicated plot. The action tends to take place in one setting, further allowing for mishaps and misunderstandings in which the absurd is thoroughly embraced.

Mrs Moretti's Memoirs
Yasmin Keyani
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When George agrees to transcribe the memoir notes of his neighbour, Mrs Moretti, he uncovers much more than just the ramblings of a gentle old lady. Was Mrs Moretti an accessory to a notorious crime forty years ago? And is George in danger now?
Countdown and Other Horror Stories
Steve Wilson
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A date from hell; a camping trip with freshly-caught meat on the menu; a Spanish lesson concerning the futility of life; an alcohol-fuelled dream or was it reality?; a secret assignation at a graveyard; the nosy neighbour who found more than he expected; the hair of the dog that wasn't a cure; the effects of the moon on a near-empty beach; exploring an alien landscape - a new collection of nine stories with a theme of horror running through them.






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