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Detective short stories form a sub-genre of crime fiction; they primarily focus on an investigator of some kind trying to solve a crime, frequently murder, although some feature a significant theft or kidnapping, among others. The investigator may be a detective, a private eye or an amateur. In some cases the mystery is a “whodunit” and discovering the perpetrator is the driving force of the short story. In other cases the culprit is known and the method of their discovery is the key element. Our detective short stories may also overlap with the modern day police procedural story.

The Strawberry Girl
Ben Westerham
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Meet, for the first time, David Good, Private Investigator. Plying his trade in 1980s South London, the PI with pliable morals, a taste for blondes and a full-on sense of humour, turns out to be a big softie as he takes up the challenge of sorting out yet another domestic mess. Having discovered that one Alice Jones, a young woman with a well-developed taste for strawberries, has a varied and not entirely honest life, he quickly finds himself wrestling with emotions he’d prefer would go away. As it is, they leave him confused and struggling to work out what he should do with the woman. Join Good on this little jaunt through South London and ask yourself what you would do next.
Stealing the Dark
Jane A Adams
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He removed the book from the evidence bag and lay it down on the wooden table of the interview room. It was, he thought, a sad little volume, filled with the faces of the long dead, stiffly posed and their eyes gazing from the book at a world at a world so changed it made him wince to think of it.
Jeanne Valentine
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He was supposed to be the one who finds the criminal. Instead he becomes a victim but learns a lesson.
Sue Dean
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A short story about the suspicious death of a new born baby






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