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Murder short stories are a key part of the crime genre, as most of this fiction deals with the illegal killing of an individual. A murder short story can cast the protagonist as the investigating hero who is seeking justice for the dead. These short stories overlap with the mystery, detective and police procedural genres. Other aspects of murder fiction involve following the actions of the murderer themselves: what motivates them, how they commit their crimes and the consequences of their actions. Our murder short ebooks may also include noir or psychological genre elements of storytelling.

Sealed With a Kiss and Other Crime Stories
Steve Wilson
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‘Sealed With a Kiss’ is a collection of ten crime-based short stories covering topics including a social media reunion that doesn’t end as expected; a chance meeting in a bar with tragic consequences; wife-swapping with a difference; a teapot that delivers a cocktail of death; the heightened senses of a young sergeant sniff out the criminal; somebody at the library has something other than reading on their mind; a volcanic eruption scuppers best-laid plans; a gamble to replace misappropriated funds that doesn’t pay off; an old lady who mistakes people and doesn’t appear to know what she’s doing; and a flash of light for an over-bearing partner.
B Movie
Brindley Hallam Dennis
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It was the Head Gardener’s fault. There was an aggressive man. ...
Two Wrongs
Stephen Gage
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If somebody gives you something, is it wrong to want to keep it? Especially if you find out it wasn't their's in the first place? Sometimes there is only one solution.
Cherry Potts
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Jael tells what really happened when her husband Heber's old mate Sisera dropped in. Not quite what you read in the Song of Deborah.
Cheat the Hangman
Albert Woods
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Sometimes Abel might feel uneasy about a roping if, say, his victim was young and misguided, or an abused female. But mostly he couldn't give a damn. He couldn't afford to. It was a job that had to be done, and done well; a skill; a craft.
The Good Book Says
Albert Woods
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The Reverend told us that the Bible says we should love our enemy, be forgiving and show compassion towards him; be merciful, ease his suffering. This, I noticed, brought a few frowns and throat-clearings.
Minsky's Run
Jeanne Valentine
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Minsky wasn't used to doing runs. He was getting too old for anything these days but when the boss said run he was only too happy, whatever the consequences.
Widow's Peak
Sylvia Petter
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a woman's revenge on the men who betrayed her.
Reasonable Doubt
Helen Stockton
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The arrival of DS Stephen Forest on her doorstep, takes Grace by surprise. A police investigation into the murder of a local surgeon, and a middle-aged, middle class woman living in rural respectability, seem unlikely to be connected, an impression DS Forest appears to share, at least initially....
Simon's Body
Alyson Morris
£1.29 Added
Did Jo really kill Simon?






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