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Crime thrillers are generally plot driven and focus on moving the action forward. They regularly contain elements of suspense, excitement and tension, and often involve the main protagonist being placed in a dangerous situation that they may or may not have the ability to survive. Thriller stories, even short stories, often contain a strong threat, and feature cliff hangers and plot twists which keep the reader on the edge of their seat and turning the pages until the end. Our thriller short ebooks may also fit some secondary genres such as psychological, erotic and pulp. 

The Locksmith
Tim Kelly
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K-chik: the lock gave two distinct metallic clicks and we entered the holiday cottage. Outside the day was dying and a streak of orange pasted the horizon above the town. The cottage was nothing more than a tiny one-bedroomed terrace, but from the window lay the estuary, sparkling a rainbow of lights reflecting from the water-front restaurants, stretching out into the vast and darkening sea.
Kate Mitchell
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"I killed my little brother. When he was two, and I was six, I crept into his bedroom and suffocated him with a pillow while he slept. ‘No you didn’t, Nadine,’ said my mother, ‘It’s a dream.’ ‘It’s a dream about guilt,’ my psychiatrist said, patting me on the knee. ‘You mustn’t blame yourself, my dear, it wasn’t your fault.’ On Tuesdays, I go to the Community Clinic for my weekly meeting with parents who are thought to present a risk to their children. Publicly, it’s called a ‘parents’ support group’ so they have a cover story when they come into reception. But these mums and dads are under no illusions; they watch me scribbling notes and know my risk assessment will dictate their future. If they give the right response, the courts may grant them a family life; the wrong answers and they won’t see their children again; something in between and they could get one afternoon a fortnight at a contact centre where, corralled by cuddly toys, they will try to engage their little strangers in a parody of play, under the watchful eye and busy pen of a social worker. While this process grinds slowly forward, the children who are being protected will metamorphose into sullen teenagers with unmet needs who will probably follow the pattern of their parents, having children of their own who will be in need of protection; and the cycle will start again..."
Kate Mitchell
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Dan has persuaded Amanda to accompany him on a cruise of the Faro Islands, to see the eclipse. But are they being followed? In this chilling tale, we find Dan must make hard decisions, in order to safeguard his marriage. "It’s our first night on board so we dress for the occasion: me in my best bib and tucker, and Amanda wearing her plungiest neckline with the white gold pendant I bought her for Christmas. We’ve barely sat down to dinner when I hear, ‘I don’t believe it!’ which makes me think of that character on TV, but the chap bouncing towards us looks too young to remember the sitcom. He stops in front of our table and smiles at Amanda. When she doesn’t speak I look at her and see she’s staring down at the table. The skin on her neck is a mottled pink. Perhaps she’s seasick; but we’ve barely left Newcastle and the North Sea is like a millpond. Thinking this must be an acquaintance of hers, I stand up and hold out my hand. He grabs at it with a sort of damp, two fingered slide, saying, ‘Felix, you must be Dan,’ while his eyes slip over me and back to Amanda..."
Two Wrongs
Stephen Gage
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If somebody gives you something, is it wrong to want to keep it? Especially if you find out it wasn't their's in the first place? Sometimes there is only one solution.
Easy Meat
Hazel Ward
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"Mac spots her straight away. She stands inside the door for a while as if trying to make up her mind whether to brave the journey to the bar..." A sinister man gets more than he bargains for when he makes a move on a young woman in a bar.
Stealing the Dark
Jane A Adams
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He removed the book from the evidence bag and lay it down on the wooden table of the interview room. It was, he thought, a sad little volume, filled with the faces of the long dead, stiffly posed and their eyes gazing from the book at a world at a world so changed it made him wince to think of it.
Black Isle Secrets
Caroline Boobis
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Jake escapes his old life only to discover that things may not be what they seem on the idyllic 'Black Isle'.
Is Nothing
Cherry Potts
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A flash fiction story - someone is hiding in the maize fields, someone who needs help.
Ms Wright
Angela Huskisson
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A tale of a strange and yet compelling woman, an enigma who draws in her 'carriers' to do her bidding. But all is not how it seems as she spreads her poison. But her trail is already of interest.
The Female of the Species
Joanna Sterling
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Helena a professional assassin, was angry and impatient to be back in London. This latest job - all the meticulous planning wasted for no reward, someone was going to pay.
Never Said A Word
Ian Cassidy
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Daisy unwittingly stumbles on the preparations for a terrorist attack and this leads to her finding out far more than she needs to about the relationship between her mom and the leader of the bombers.
The Shadows
J A Pritchard
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A macabre and dark psychological thriller, ‘The Shadows’ tells the story of Jack, a young and disturbed mobster, living in a hellish world where he is fighting to find answers, fighting to find out what happened in a past that he dare not speak of. With rivals wanting him dead, and his grip on reality ever weakening, Jack must seek to save his life and save his mind before he descends into madness or is buried in his grave. “This is not a normal time, and this is not a normal place . . .”
Late Home
Trevor Millum
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A husband waits for his wife to return home. He is cross because she's late and he needs the car but - perhaps there's a good reason that she is late home...





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