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Our tragedy short stories deal with a set of circumstances which conspire to cause the main protagonist to experience extreme sorrow, loss and despair. Traditional tragedies deal with characters of noble standing who are brought to ruin by a fatal or tragic flaw in their character, distinct ill fortune or even moral weakness. Modern tragedies can contain these same touchstones but normally deal with the trials and misfortunes of ordinary people. By nature, short stories in the tragedy genre contain unhappy endings, but this is often tempered by some form of catharsis. 

Contributory Culpability
Brindley Hallam Dennis
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Morning walks, an irrational fear, and a story of past, lethal transgression revealed. "A few years ago I took a cottage in West Cumbria for a week to get some peace and quiet while I worked my way through a large number of documents. I'd been called in as a specialist by the legal team of a multi-national that was defending itself against a negligence claim. Finding the smallest shred of evidence to suggest that the so-called victims have contributed to the disaster can save you thousands in damages, tens of thousands, millions even, if it's a class action. The cottage was one of three old quarrymen's cottages sitting on a hillside beyond Rowrah in the back of end of nowhere, where the remains of old railway lines wind their way between the rounded foothills of the English Lake District. I worked long hours that week, breaking off for a sandwich at lunchtime, and driving down to the local pub for supper, and then doing another couple of hours before I turned in. One treat I allowed myself was a brisk walk in the mornings, after dawn, but before the sun had crested the curved summit of the hill behind the cottage..."
How quietly things fall
Hannah Glancy
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The day it happens she climbs into bed and stares up at the ceiling... How do we cope with loss? If we don't cope, can we ever come back? An exploration of grief.
Ladies of the Soil
Gill Blow
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A poignant story of how a broken piece of porcelain and a biscuit tin crammed with packets of seeds allow a couple to confront the tragedy in their lives.
Adel's New Bride
Terence D Forster
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A young Arab woman is to be married to an older man already with wives and children. He crosses the desert with his family to the town of Asyut where she sits on the roof tops crying in vain.
Medium High Gusset
Kath McKay
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The first time Leila was about to have sex with Norman he asked her if she would do something for him. Here we go, she thought, preparing for whips or wanting her to p**s on him. Men were so predictable. ‘Put your swimming costume on,’ he said. The costume was damp and smelt of chlorine. A Nike black all in one, medium high gusset, sports back, neoprene no nonsense number, it chafed her vagina. Hard making love in such a thing. But it seemed to do the trick for Norman. He became quite red in the face. At the last minute she unrolled it, as if it was an especially tight condom. That episode should have warned her.
Loving Imogen
Mari Biella
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When Daniel finds two runaways hiding in his cellar, he is charmed by their youth and innocence. As he soon learns, however, Imogen and Leo are hiding a dark secret. LOVING IMOGEN is a novella of approximately 32,000 words.
Red Geranium
Sue Dean
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From riches to rags in Los Angeles
Edward Cartner
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A retired soldier and widower visits a war grave and so discovers the identity of his father.
A Tormented Soul
Leyla Leyton
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I looked out over the restless sea my mind fighting through a haze of confusion. Was this the same view I shared with Jeff for all those years? We had been so happy in this place never suspecting that such evil lurked close by!
Six Degrees
Edward Cartner
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A society 'gossip' writer follows up a chance meeting and then witnesses the accidental death of his subject. He determines to honour with the dead man's estranged family the 'Six Degrees of Separation' theory.
Marilyn Spencer
Angela Huskisson
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A story about links and how many you can find. A sort of 'Spot the Difference' in prose.
Dream Factory
Philip Caveney
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A couple of runaway teenagers create a secret world... in a suburban cinema.
Megan Palmer
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A mother narrates the sad and peculiar tale of how her young daughter's body gradually disappears from her own eyes - everyone can see her daughter, except the daughter herself. It begins: "Her toes were the first to go."
The Corn
Jane Rogers
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A Midwestern farmer comes to terms with his daughter's weight problem
Wearing White Plimsoles
Alison Stewart
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I am wearing my smartest clothes for my mother’s funeral: grey trousers and white shirt without the tie. She meant to give me cash for shoes...




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