Young Adult


Superhero Strawberry
Steve Way
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An unlikely candidate for a superhero but this seemingly innocuous plant thwarts various nefarious plots, in particular one to take over the drones used by the armed forces. A story aimed at 10 to 13 year olds. "It looked like they’d just executed the perfect crime. Being light but agile, the three gymnasts-cum-felons had been able to actually swing along the tops of the frames of the paintings in the gallery. They swung from painting to painting, like apes swinging from tree to tree, without setting off the alarms fixed behind each painting that went off if anyone tried to pull them off the wall. They then formed a triangle around the small sculpture that was the target of their robbery, each of them hanging gracefully from the frame of three different paintings..."
Hard Water
Beryl P. Brown
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'If we were still in our old house and not this one - this boat - I’d be out with my mates or we’d be in each other’s houses, gaming or just chilling. I couldn’t believe it when Dad said there was no phone signal and no internet on this rust-bucket.' A story about a boy settling into a new life. Would appeal to eleven to fourteen years olds.
Sadie and the Lost Treasure
C H Widestroke
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Sadie is on holiday on the Island of Oriskay with her grandparents. She desperately wants adventure. When she meets a boy called Dorset, together they stumble upon a secret message in an ancient burial chamber. Then, adventure comes Sadie's way. The burial chamber leads to runes and the runes lead to bad guys and the bad guys lead to...well, you can read it to find out if you like. Sadie and the Lost Treasure was inspired by the landscape and heritage of the Orkney Isles, off the north coast of Scotland. The story is intended for readers aged 9-12 but readers older than that may like it too.
Waiting for Sister Constance
Jenny Vaughan
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This is the story a day in the life of eleven-year-old Sara. Like thousands of other children in southern Africa, she’s an orphan, and she’s looking after her younger brothers and sisters. A kindly nun, Sister Constance, is due to visit the family today – but she’s late, and Sara is getting worried. Will she come? What if she doesn’t? Why hasn’t she come? What will the children do if Sister Constance doesn’t turn up?
Off the Beaten Track
F. Linday
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This is a coming of age tale of Yuliya which raises awareness of child abuse in Eastern Europe. Young Yuliya prays daily for deliverance from her life of servitude to her family. She dreams of going to college and one day marrying Branimir - a gypsy youth. But when her father's debts are due, he arranges for her to be taken by his unsavory associates as payment of those debts. Her mother calls upon Branimir and his family and it is with them that Yuliya's prayers are answered. (Provocative)
Acid and Blood
Alistair Canlin
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A battle with anorexia, through the eyes and emotions of the sufferer. The story takes a surreal angle on the battle with the condition










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