Promoting your CUT profile using social media....

When you have registered as a writer on the CUT Writers e-Publishing Community, and your work has been published as an e-book on CUT, no doubt you’d love people to buy your e-books. Sharing your Writer Profile Page (WPP) with others will help to promote your work and get it in front of as many people as possible. The idea is that by promoting your WPP, more people will buy your work.

What is your Writer Profile Page?

Your writer profile is a fantastic, free benefit of being a writer on the CUT community. You can use your WPP to tell readers and fellow writers about yourself, and it’s where readers will find links to your CUT published e-books. Your writer profile can also be found on search engine result pages when people search for your name. This is great, because it will help build your wider profile as a writer. If you have multiple websites, social media profiles and so on in your name, you can begin to ‘own’ the first result page on a search engine like Google. Having positive search results ‘on-view’ when people search for your name is a great way to build your reputation.

How to promote your CUT Writer Profile

One of the simplest and easiest ways to promote your CUT writer profile is by sharing it on social media. It is really easy to share a link to your profile by clicking on one of the social icons on your profile page. This allows you share your profile on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or even your Pinterest account

Sharing your profile on social media

When you share a link to your writer profile on social media, you can mention CUT, which will let us know about your post. This means that we can also help to promote your profile by re-sharing your link, amplifying the reach of your post. Your profile can then be seen by a multitude of people. To mention CUT in your posts you need to create a tag to

  • On Facebook, you’ll be able to tag us by writing @cutalongstory in your post. If you ‘like’ our page, on Facebook it will make it easier for you to find us.
  • On Twitter, it’s much the same. Simply type @cutalongstory within your tweet and we’ll be notified that you’ve mentioned us. We will then re-tweet your tweet.
  • With Google+, it’s slightly different. Instead of the @ you start writing +cutalongstory and CUT will come up.

We suggest you consider ‘liking’ or following CUT on these social networks and you will then be kept in the loop with all CUT news.

Post regularly

You should share posts on social media on a regular basis. By sharing interesting titbits on your social channels you can grow a following of people who will become more receptive to your posts when you promote your newly published e-books on CUT. Try to avoid only posting about your writer profile and your e-books. Think about who makes up your audience and post things that you believe they would like or will interest them.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are words that are prefixed with a #, for example #shortstory. These hashtags are searchable within Twitter, Facebook and Google+. This means that you can click on a hashtag within a post and be taken to a page where you can see other people’s posts also including that hashtag. It’s a way of connecting with people who have similar interests and increases your chances that your post will be seen in the noise that is social media.

Include relevant hashtags in your posts, such as: #livetowrite, #ebook, #writer, and #read.

Mention other users on Twitter

Follow writer organisations and reading groups on Twitter. You can then @ mention these types of users in your tweets. This will help to create awareness of your CUT writer profile and your CUT published ebooks.

These other users are likely to re-tweet your tweet, which will mean it’s seen by all their followers too!

Create a Facebook Page

Consider creating a “public figure” page. This is different from a personal Facebook profile. Generally the posts are public and rather than adding people as friends, people can ‘like’ your page, which will enable them to see your posts in their timeline. If you are signed into Facebook, you can create a Facebook Page here.

Once you have created a Facebook Page, you may consider paid promotion. You could pay to advertise your writer profile, Facebook Page, e-book, etc. on Facebook. You can find out more by checking out their advertising information page for businesses.

Linking to other websites

If you have your own website, or if you are featured on any other websites, it’s a good idea to provide examples of, and links to, your CUT e-books on these platforms. You can also include links to these other sites within your CUT writer profile, squaring the circle as it were. If you do make changes to your CUT writer profile, you will receive an email from us to confirm that your change has been received.

Record a video reading

Videos are a great way of building your online presence. We are building the CUT YouTube channel by adding videos of writers reading extracts from their work, and linking to them from their writer profile pages. We are planning to hold recording sessions at events around the country from time to time, but in the meantime it's quite easy to make one yourself and submit it to us. Check our guidance notes for further information and advice. 

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