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(A short story of 2040 words)

Adult Entertainment


by A D Muir

‘Share a woman with me…’

Philip’s tongue touches the tip of his wife’s ear as he whispers his request through whisky-scented breath. He can’t see her face as his nose nuzzles against her hair, as her reaction slowly creeps into her expression, but he does feel her tense and her attempt to pull away from his embrace. He holds her more closely and laughs softly.

‘Philip!’ she rebukes. But, he thinks, this time her tone is less censorious than usual.

He clasps her shoulders and gently pushes her away so he can look into her dark eyes. She is a beautiful woman and he is lucky to have her. However, they have been married for nearly ten years and the early spark, the early fission, has undoubtedly depleted. And here he is a healthy male that she, has lately been less than eager to satisfy.

‘Catherine, you know I love you and always will. Won’t you consider it at least? I’ve never strayed and I don’t want to now, but I need well, more – just this once?’ He tries to sound cajoling, to make his eyes pleading, wide and puppy dog.

Catherine pulls away. She takes her wineglass from the kitchen worktop where it is sitting amongst the debris of their recently prepared dinner. She holds the glass to her lips, pauses, then sets the glass down sharply. It shatters...

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