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(A short story of 2735 words)

After Addition


by Sarah Salway

It's 'Take Your Father To School Day' and some fathers are better at it than others.

One of my kids is perfect, but I don’t like the other so much.

My wife tells me I should try harder. Apparently there are lots of good things about him, but I find him too pointy. That’s the only way I can describe him. Every time I come home from work, his sister, Beth runs to greet me. She’s one big blonde bounce and I can hardly get through the door before she’s telling me about her day, what she ate, what she played, stuff I don’t have to listen to but is nice to hear. All the time I’m looking round for my wife, but when I ask Beth where Mummy is, she’ll say the same thing. That she’s with Marky in the sitting room, or the garden, or somewhere I can’t find them straight away, and they’ll be talking.

They hardly look up when I eventually find them, so of course I’m going to go back to find Beth. She’s learnt how to make me a cup of tea and it’s sweet the way she fills up the kettle so exactly, asks me every time whether I’m sure I want two spoons of sugar, and if I really need another biscuit. By the time I’m finally sat down to enjoy it, my wife and Marky will come through. My wife will kiss me, start bustling round cooking supper but, no matter how many times I try to draw him out with questions, Marky will lurk in the corner and stare at me in that pointy way of his...

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