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(A short story of 2136 words)

All I Can Remember Were Tablets


by Al McClimens


When I were little my mum and dad had to take me to the doctors because I was in a world of my own. School noticed it. Nat would ‘drift away’, they said. The doctor just said it was growing pains and I’d grow out of it in time. I wet the bed a lot; slept on a rubber mattress wired to an alarm.

When I was a bit older I had a kind of fit and I went into hospital. One night I were throwing my arms round and screaming. I don’t remember it but my mum and dad, they went to fetch a neighbour, she were a nurse, I think, and I got admitted. The doctor said it was schizophrenia. I had ECT there. But I was young and can’t remember it too well. There was a woman nurse: she were nice. The wards was named after trees. My ward was called Hazel. My brother Bert was on the same time as me but he were on Beech ward. They had to lock their kitchen windows up wi’ bars cos lads were getting out of the kitchen. Running away. He told me about it...

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