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(A short story of 1058 words)



by Tracey Emerson

A young mother ponders her life during an outing with her daughter who has special needs.

April is rearranging her knickers. In the queue at the garden centre cafeteria. Her hand is right down the back of her tracksuit bottoms, tweaking and twitching and pulling the gigantic pants up and up and up.

‘Leave those for now, sweetheart,’ I say.

Around us it’s all understanding smiles and knowing looks, but we’re holding up the line. Behind us, a garden centre worker in green dungarees is itching to get at the bacon rolls.
‘What do we fancy today?’ April is nearly blind and hasn’t spoken a word in her entire life, but I ask anyway.

She remains engrossed in her underwear, lifting up her jumper now and pulling at her grey, fraying bra.

I snap. I grab her hands away and pull down the jumper...


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