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(A long short story of 14163 words)

Beware Green Eyes

Young Adult Children's

by Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon

A young girl's ghost friend turns out to be a liar.

(A story for readers of 9 years of age or older)

It all started on a Friday in February when I stayed home from school with a bad cold. I’d had my twelfth birthday the week before and I’d got a chill at my ice skating party. The rink was a temporary one put up in the town centre each year from November through to February half term. My birthday had been the last day. At least it hadn’t snowed, I could remember at least three birthdays when my celebrations had been cancelled because of the weather. So, I was off school and for the first time I was alone in my house for a whole day. Mum and Dad had gone to work and my younger brothers were at school, even though they’d made a drama of coughing and spluttering their way through breakfast as they made a play to stay off too.

I think that buildings sound different when people go out and they’re empty, or almost empty. I was still there of course, but I was tucked up on the living room sofa and lying quite still. I heard the central heating pipes knock and moan gently as the hot water passed through them. The clock on the mantelpiece quartered the hours into minutes and seconds with brisk, quiet ticks. The eaves dripped and splashed as ice melted in the reluctant, shy sunshine of the early spring day. I watched a spider as she spun her web in the corner of the window that looked out onto our garden and I swear I could hear the silken skein being stretched into a silvery geometry all of its own. The fridge buzzed and slept and buzzed and slept as the thermostat regulated the temperature. I was mesmerised by the insistent hum of home and the liquid gurgling of my gut. I’d slept the night before with my nose blocked and my mouth open and swallowed a lot of air that was now singing its own tune. I must have drifted off but then my doze was interrupted and I sat up with a start.

Do you believe in ghosts? I didn’t think that I did, but it’s hard to explain things any other way. I’d been woken by a breathy, little voice that said, ‘Alice, please play with me, please.’

At first I thought must have dreamt it, but I heard it again, this time a bit louder, ‘Alice, please play with me, please.’

I looked towards the brightness of the window and my eyes were blinded by the glare, I looked back into the room and colours danced in front of me...

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