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(A short story of 1089 words)

Checking Out

Fantasy - Sci-fi Fantasy Horror Fantasy - Speculative

by dc lauf

If the public don't have the discipline to watch what they put into their mouths then the state is just going to have to do it for them...

The lines are always long but no one ever complains about that. It’s to be expected. After all, this service is provided by the government. More than that, it’s for our own good. I shuffle along in the queue. The girl behind the plexi-glass window sees me out the corner of her eye and continues to monitor her customer’s products but I know she is thinking about me. The way she purses her lips gives away her disgust. The buzzer sounds and customer 4572 inserts his card into the payment slot. No unauthorised items. His units are deducted, his items are dispatched into suitable biodegradable packaging and off he goes. Relief obvious on his jowly face...

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