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(A short story of 1559 words)



by Ian Cassidy

Following the death of her husband Nellie makes a return journey to one of their favorite haunts, only to discover it is not the same without him.

With Vic going as suddenly as he did we were doing things together right up to the end. Creeping infirmity never had the chance to limit our leisure, our social life was not gradually curtailed as our faculties diminished. Wonky knees and worn out hips didn’t constrain us to the garden centre and bladder weakness didn’t confine us to activities within a safe distance of a change of underwear. Failing eyesight didn’t stop Vic driving although that would perhaps have been a blessing, even in his prime he was never more than competent behind the wheel and by the end he little more than downright dangerous.

The final trip we took together was to Ludlow Castle to the Shakespeare Festival held in the grounds. A matinee performance of As You Like It, excellent, atmospheric and then an early dinner at the Feathers.

It would be no understatement to say that Vic was not the Bard’s greatest fan but he was content to snooze the afternoon away in the sun. Happy if I was happy and happier still at the prospect of rounding the evening off with something more to his taste...

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