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(A short story of 2166 words)



by Gill James

They had always said that when one of them died the other would go to the funeral. nothing would stop them. When her first love dies prematurely she fails to keep her promise. Or does she?

Angie was aware that the group was beginning to flag and that the tea and coffee were sitting there waiting to be consumed.

“We’ve got it ready,” the events manager at the hotel had said. “It will keep hot. You can take your break whenever you like.”

Now seemed like a good time. “Okay folks,” she called. “I think we can have a rest now. Do come and get yourselves a drink. Looks like they’ve provided us with some nice biscuits too.”

She glanced at her watch. My god, it was exactly quarter past three. How had she known? It would just be beginning now.

She remembered all those years ago when they’d decided to split up. Well, he’d decided they should or rather his mother had. His cousin had got a girl pregnant and she didn’t want the same thing happening to him. If Angie was honest, it had been a good thing, splitting up. She soon found out that it had been the idea of having a boyfriend she’d liked at the time. She’d actually been happier that summer, single again, than she had been since the Christmas before when they’d got together.

They’d made a good show a trying to remain friends. “I’ll come to your funeral if you die before me,” he’d said.

“And I’ll come to yours if you die before me,” she’d said.

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