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(A short story of 1778 words)

Em Pulls a Stunt


by Frank Woods

Em has fallen for her BMX instructor.
When he does the dirty, she turns the tables in spectacular style.

I hit the ground in a tangle with the bike. One of its wheels is still spinning, almost touching my face. Jeff peers down at me through the spokes. ‘Hard luck, Em,’ he says ‘Don’t overstretch. You were strong until you decided to go for the victory wheelie. And it’s a long way down when you biff like that. Try to keep more air between you and the bike. Steel’s a lot harder than grass.’ He reaches out to me.
Normally I wouldn’t take a hand from anyone but what’s happening with Jeff makes him different. I feel those luscious brown eyes look into mine as he helps me up.
‘How’s about we head back to the workshop?’ he says in the soft voice that curls my toes.
‘Yeah. Suits me.’ I try to sound casual. ‘But I don’t want the lesson to stop with my biff. You get up there and kill it again for me.’
He pedals in a quick tight arc, half the length of the run-up I need. Take-off is effortless...

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