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(A short story of 2293 words)

Emily Bronte Unbound


by Stephen Shieber

Moving into your first flat with a lover is a stressful time, but when precious objects become damaged, there'll be tears before bedtime. Thank goodness for the Bronte family band!

The boxes are breeding, transforming their beautiful minimalist flat into the packing department of a large warehouse.

Luke’s in front of the computer, browsing YouTube, while Katrina does her best to draw order from chaos. Hearing Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights for the fifth time, Katrina snaps.

She drops a pile of DVDs on the plastic-wrapped sofa and marches through to the study.

Luke turns to her with a grin, pointing at the screen. ‘She’s the reason I never got around to reading your favourite book. It took her five minutes to tell the story. Why did Emily Bronte have to go on so long?’...

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