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(A short story of 1239 words)

How Quietly Things Fall


by Hannah Glancy

How do we cope with loss? If we don't cope, can we ever come back? An exploration of grief.

The day it happens she climbs into bed and stares up at the ceiling. Her mouth opens and closes silently, her fingers scrunching up the duvet crushing the petal patterned cotton.

Time has been discontinued and minutes fuse into hours with barely an acknowledgment. She sits, cradling a cup of tea. A hand begins to rub the small of her back, her mother's hand, comforting hands that remind her of sunny summer gardens. Not now though, no gardens. Her mother is grieving too, she knows this because her pain is so big that she cannot conceive of anyone else not feeling it. She hears a gasp, a choked sob and then her mother’s arms encircle her. They have just been given the news...

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A woman struggles to cope with her grief in the aftermath of a bereavement. This is an elegant and moving examination of loss; the point where mourning becomes something more permanent, and what is in danger of disappearing is more than just the memories of those who are no longer with us. A poignant, moving short story from Hannah.

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