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(A short story of 1042 words)

Lapis Lazuli

Fantasy - Sci-fi Fantasy

by E. Don Harpe

“LAPIS LAZULI,” HE SAID. “That my name.” He was not of this world, never from Earth. Not with those eyes, no. --------------------- This is a work of collaboration by Eugen Bacon and E. Don Harpe.

He sat next to me, chewing popcorn and laughing, laughing, laughing at the jokes of a stand up artist at the gay pub. The comedian was doing a “Who is this guy?” feature, was rolling on a new gig, a Bill Clinton impersonation that worked so well it warmed patrons with mirth on that night of howling storm and feral wind. The performance was funny, so funny it almost brought the house down. And the decidedly beautiful alien chap beside me laughed heartily along with the rest of the mob.

An alien? you quiz. Surely, but not what you may think.

He was not odious, not at all. His mouth was sensual, seductive. He was an insightful creature, I could tell, one to be handled with care if I decided to try and get any closer to him...


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