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(A short story of 2962 words)



by Ruth Brandt

A chance meeting in person develops over an email conversation.
Sent:Thursday, June 12, 2007 11:32 PM

Subject: Apologies

Dear Who’s The Man,

I have just arrived home riven with guilt at my earlier behaviour towards you. I should certainly not have said that The Garden at Dawn bore no resemblance to any work that Rothko had ever completed or even contemplated. Nor should I have expanded my ill-considered opinion by adding that any comparison with Rousseau’s finely comic jungle paintings was laughable. I will not blame the sauvignon blanc as I have passed the age for blaming poor behaviour on alcohol consumption which, just for the record, was moderate in any case. Rather, it was my perhaps my interest in you and your opinions that pushed me to challenge you until what might be considered to be the point of rudeness.

Suffice it to say, I apologise fully for my remarks which, even had you not been the artist, were inappropriate to make to a stranger, although to call you a stranger seems odd as I feel I know you better than someone I just happened to meet at an exhibition this evening...

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