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(A short story of 1233 words)

Marilyn Spencer


by Angela Huskisson

A story about links and how many you can find. A sort of 'Spot the Difference' in prose.

Marilyn Spencer changed her name years ago but from what she couldn’t quite recall. It seems odd to be looking at it all now as if from so very far away. ‘Spence’ they’d called her in what she had renamed The Adoration Years.

Her father, absent, had always called her ‘his little princess’ and that had kind of stuck too.

Princess in Trouble screamed the cheap tabloids; Princess on trial and then simply Princess Dead. ‘Lived her life like a fairytale,’ they cheeped romantically.

‘More like a f...... nightmare,’ said those who knew her.

I suppose it all really got started, the bad press that is, when she married that upstart husband of hers, Henry ‘The Ape’, and he was pure Neanderthal...

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