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(A short story of 2363 words)

Our Lady of the Iguanas


by Caroline Pitcher

How will Graciela cope with the spells and the men now Granny is gone? Bring on the Iguanas....

"The alarm snake swayed above her bed.

He hissed until Graciela opened her eyes, then spiralled back into the roof. Job done.
Graciela could take her time in the mornings now there was no old woman to clean up. She fetched water and washed, lifting her hair away from her neck and spearing it with pins of shell. She struggled into the blue cotton dress and wrapped her shawl around herself, so that nothing could move. The straw hat, big as a planet, waited on the rocking chair. Granny’s voice whispered, Wear the hat, Graciela. Wear it as your crown."


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