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(A short story of 1147 words)

Reclaim the Night

Historical Fiction

by Barbara Hawthorne

This story is about the women's marches in the 1970's.

Eunice never thought that flashing blue lights and blood would re-unite two friends. But this was the 1970s and the red-light district of Soho, London, on the women’s march. A man outside a clip-joint made a gesture with his hand hovering in silhouette.

‘Your butcher’s shop’s open,’ a woman shouted.

‘Close the porn shops,’ said another. Clean up Soho.

The line of women shuffled to a halt. Someone at the back shouted, ‘Bastards,’ and the refrain was taken up. Women in voice were pushed forward from women at the back, against the line of police. Batons raised. Protecting the sex shop. Stewards tried to intervene. The street was narrow…

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