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(A short story of 1446 words)

Stop, Look and Listen


by Akeem Balogun

Stop, Look and Listen is a short collection of flash fiction pieces. It features Escape, a story about a son who wants to keep his parents together for the sake of his father, Mannequin, a creepy tale about a husband and his wife's disappearance, as well as the titular story Stop, Look and Listen, an exploration of life through instructions.

The collection also includes other pieces by Akeem Balogun that have appeared in various publications throughout his writing career.

Stop, Look and Listen is an enjoyable read that will appeal to all fans of the short story form as well as to any reader who is entertained by writing that is precise, fun and thought-provoking.

My work colleagues tell me to stop smoking. They say it’s detrimental to my health. “Do you want to see your future kids grow up?” they ask me. “Do you want us to stand next to you on the lunch break?”

I was pulled over by the police and told to stop speeding. “You could have killed someone,” the officer said. “There’s no way a child could have survived a hit at that speed.”

A few of my friends and I were leaving a clothing store when security stopped me on suspicion that I had stolen something. They took me to one side, looked into my bag and checked the items against my receipt. They let me go once they saw all of it was on there...

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A review of Stop, Look and Listen from the CUT team....

A thought provoking collection of short/flash fiction. The titular story is centred around the idea of how each of the three chosen words impacts on us as we live our daily lives, while the other stories touch on broken marriages, disappearances and magic. Four intriguing pieces of flash fiction.

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