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(A short story of 2593 words)

Taking Your Clothes Off in the Dark

Romance Literary

by Anne Jenner

It's only the intrepid who venture into the world of arranged romance. Amelia casts her fate to the winds of change and learns that not all migrating birds make it home safely.

First you meet someone. This is not by chance. It is with as much deliberate intent, with as much absolute need as an exhausted migratory bird looking for a spot to funnel down through the thermal column for respite. Like the bird, you are guided by visual landmarks, olfactory clues, you detect magnetic fields. In this you are helped by internet dating.

You try not to think too much about what your mother would say. Technology has moved on since her day when such things were not done. It was fate that you relied on then and if it let you down and all you met were losers or no-one, you looked fate in the face and said so be it.

Nowadays you have options. Your friends have pointed this out. Why not, they say, what have you got to lose, you just never know. So you take their advice even while noticing they’re not taking it themselves...

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