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(A short story of 1201 words)

The Cathalump and The Lemal


by Kelly Marsh

Hear the tale of how the camel came to get its hump, told by a mother antelope to her young son.

"Once upon a time, a beautiful antelope was strolling through the Sahara desert with her young son. They were extremely hot, so decided to seek shelter from the sun beneath a rather large palm tree. In the distance, surrounding a cluster of cactus trees, were a group of large biscuit coloured animals with man-made seats strapped to their backs. The son watched as they munched on the spiky leaves, while the men that were with them chatted among themselves. It was the first time that the young calf had ever seen such a sight..."


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A review of The Cathalump and The Lemal from the CUT team....

Have you ever wondered where a camel got its hump from? Kelly Marsh’s delightful children’s story channels Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories” in winning fashion to explain the origin of one of the animal kingdom’s most eccentrically shaped creatures.

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