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(short story of 6795 words)

The Daddy In The Box


by Naomi Richardson

It’s early 1950’s and 4-year-old Ruth is embarking on a new phase of her young life. She’s off to live at the seaside, with her great aunts, Constance, Rose and Pearly Trice. The story covers the next few years of Ruth’s life as she struggles to come to terms with the mystery surrounding her father and the bewildering behaviour of adults. ‘Ruth is in seventh heaven, sticky with candyfloss and riding high on a wild, painted horse. Music whirls and giggles in her ears and she never, ever wants to let go. She sees Mummy is watching from below and is giddy with her own power. Back down on the ground floating ducks bob and beckon and the exciting drama of winning prizes unfolds. Ruth manages to catch one of the little yellow ducks on the end of her fishing rod and wins a beach ball. She discovers that winning is wildly intoxicating and is well and truly hooked.

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