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(A short story of 2429 words)

The Egg


by Steve Way

After three weeks at her new school Jasmine is still an outsider, ignored by her classmates. The unusual pet she brings to school changes things dramatically!

It seemed to the children in her class that the new girl Jasmine was a bit strange.

The children didn’t know it but after about three weeks of her starting at the school her teacher, Mr Barratt and the head teacher Mrs Cooper, were slightly concerned that she didn’t seem to be gelling with the other children. From the children’s point of view it was quite understandable that none of them had really made friends with her, though she seemed pleasant enough and no one had cause to dislike her.

She was just a bit different.

For a start she told the class when she introduced herself to them that she and her parents were vegetarian. To most of the children that was a bit of a clue that she was slightly wacky. And what kind of name was Jasmine anyway? Apparently Jasmines were some kind of flower but none of the children had heard of them before.

It was true that her parents seemed quite cool, her mother, April, wore orangey-brown trousers and boots – the kind people mending the road would wear for goodness sake – and tie-dyed T-shirts that reminded the children of the tie-dying they’d done in Year Three and weren’t at all like the trendy brand-name clothes the rest of the mum’s wore when they picked up the children after school for what was admittedly a daily fashion competition. Most controversially of all it was soon obvious that she-didn’t-shave-her-underarms! Ugh! Cave woman or what?...

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