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(A short story of 5510 words)

The Fate of Dogs


by Tess Hudson

A French toilet, a jealous husband and two dogs.

Gaston handed the English woman two squares of toilet paper in exchange for a franc. She was amused.

‘We don’t have toilets like this in England’ she said ‘So I’ve heard’ he replied.

She waddled through to the women’s cubicles, her buttocks swaying beneath a bright red sarong. Gaston imagined a plate full of sliced tomatoes. Not the little perfect ones you get in packets but the huge, meaty deformed ones.

His mouth watered as the English woman came out of a cubicle and went to the sink to wash her hands. He watched her sniff at the vase of the flowers his wife had placed above the basins and chuckle to herself in the mirror. She couldn’t see him looking at her , Gaston sat with his back to the women’s section, a security mirror placed on the wall opposite enabled him to see through the open entrance.

He felt a squirt of warm liquid on his sandaled foot and looked under the table. Jezebel looked up at him with malevolent eyes. The Yorkshire terrier (trust the English to breed such a disagreeable creature), wore a pink bow on her head, having returned from a morning’s pampering at ‘Little Darlings;’ a dog grooming parlour on the Rue D’Antibes.

Gaston’s foot throbbed with a desire to kick the little abomination from here to Dieppe but the return of the English woman stopped him.

‘May I take a photo?’ she asked.

‘By all means Madame’ he charmed.

Jezebel’s entrance signalled the imminent arrival of his wife Isabelle, so he decided to be attentive to this woman as he knew Isabelle would dislike her immediately. She flashed him a well preserved smile and asked if she could take a picture of him holding the ‘sweet little dog’ against a backdrop of one of the posters of film stars in the ‘foyer’ as his wife called the entrance to their public toilet. She chose Gerard Depardieu of course. Isabelle was most particular that the posters should be of French movie stars and Depardieu seemed to be the only one that foreigners recognised.

Especially the English; a particularly insular race...

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