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(A short story of 5033 words)

The Green Man


by dc lauf

Looking for a fresh start, Maison moves to a remote country village. But instead of finding the peace and tranquility she'd hoped for, she discovers something rather more sinister in the shadows of England's green and pleasant land.

She let go of the tree then looked at it closely. It was gnarly and seeping sap but just a tree. She moved around the trunk, her boots sinking into the soft earth. As she touched the ridges and bumps she expected to feel the reassurance that the tree was ordinary and the same as all the others, but instead she felt sick, a wave of revulsion washing over her as she moved away from it. Instinctively she wiped her hand on her parka. At first she didn’t understand what she was feeling but then she saw it. Gouged deep into the wood was the outline of a face, eyes fixed down and staring directly at her...

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 A review of The Green Man from the CUT team....

The horror genre often presents a move from the bright city lights to the empty darkness of country lanes, open fields and thick woodland, as something to fear, and The Green Man is no different. There is something strange afoot in the rural village of Denderow and while the welcome is friendly, newcomers would be wise to tread carefully in this dark and disturbing tale.

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