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(A short story of 2209 words)

The Lovely Water


by Adrienne Silcock

Rosa has devised her own solution for combating poverty on the Ria Formosa, where morals are compromised with a strange take on community salvation. When the Englishman arrives, things begin to alter, but with an ironic twist.

The Englishman had been watching Rosa for some time. He watched from afar, through binoculars, in green waistcoat and wellies. Just another bird-watcher, as far as Rosa was concerned, not suspecting for a moment that the focus was upon her.

He watched as she stood outside the door of her shack, dressed in a milk-white blouse, starched and pressed, buttoned up to the throat, and dark skirt, immaculate and shapely over her thighs, the hem a sharp line, cutting away at mid-calf. Hair brushed tight into a pony tail, away from her beautiful features, not a strand spared the ferocity of her comb.
He watched as Rosa waited for the men, her formal greeting as she showed them inside, only ever one at a time. He had walked past often, on his way to the salt pans to study egret and spoonbill, dipper and stork, could just make out the young girl inside, lying naked on the bed in the half-light, lean and quivering, trying desperately to smile, sensed fragrances of lavender, lemon and thyme emanating from within. He’d hurry his pace, lest Rosa suspect he was interested.

He watched as she pushed the door to, and stood, her hand against the wood, her sensuous lips moving soundlessly. Later he found out what she prayed...

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