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(A short story of 5202 words)

The Nixie


by David Phelps

What is a princess to do with unwanted male attention? Perhaps the dark spirit of the river can help.

(This ebook also includes an additional story)

Everybody knows that a princess is bad news, especially to her father. That was the thought that occurred to King Cympo in the two seconds it took him to fall from the battlements of his castle onto the very hard courtyard below. However, such a thought was unfair as a large part of it was his own fault.

A few months earlier he had said, “My dear, I want you to marry Count Gwenki.”

“He’s a pig.”

“Maybe so, but he is also an extremely noisy member of my council, probably earns more than me and certainly has a bigger army.”

“I’d rather die.”

Princess Cadarn chose not to die immediately but stormed up to her room, slammed the door and threatened not to come down until her father had changed his mind. The king had no alternative but to forbid any food or drink to be taken up to her until she became more tractable.

A fearsome two days followed, during which the palace servants tiptoed around quietly, as if someone had died. Then the princess summoned the cook, ordered two breakfasts and the king arranged a date for the Count to visit.

When Cadarn saw the Count she realised that she had been wrong in thinking him a pig. He was more of a weasel. He was tall, thin and his eyes were constantly darting around as if looking for prey...

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