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(short story of 3147 words)



by Merryn Glover

'There are two kinds of people in this world.' Laxmi, a girl from the lowest caste of a village in the remote west of Nepal, is told that she is the unlucky kind. But, resourceful and fiercely protective of her sister and neice, she is determined that low birth will not ruin their lives. - All profits from this story go to aid work in Nepal. -


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A moving short story about the plight of those deemed to be beneath all others in society. “Untouchable” tells of a Nepali girl and her family’s struggle against extreme hardship and injustice. Laxmi is born into a world seemingly without hope or mercy, but she is determined not to allow the circumstances of being low-born to define not just her life and future, but also her soul. A stark tale told with eloquence and humanity.

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