What we do….

CUT is more than just an online shop for ebooks. It is also a fresh, independent place for readers and writers to interact – a literary social network.

At CUT we believe that quality contemporary writing should be available to all. To us, it does not matter whether the writer is a seasoned professional, or an aspiring author who has never had a publishing deal, as long as their work is of the standard expected by our discerning readers. Nor do we mind how long or short the work – flash fiction, short story, collection, or novel. We present every one as an attractive, complete ebook, in an easy to use format which can be read on any e-reader, laptop, PC, or mobile device.

And we maintain high quality standards. Unlike some other sites, we proof-read every submission to ensure that everything we publish is a great read. And if we think that a piece of work is not quite up to scratch, we provide valuable feedback to the writer.


Finding an ebook

We want you to find an ebook that you’ll really enjoy reading, so we provide several different ways for you to browse:

  • If you’re after a certain type of ebook, you can browse our genres
  • If you’ve found a CUT writer whose work you enjoy, just select them in our writer directory and you’ll be taken to their profile page, where you can see all their ebooks and find out a little more about them
  • If you’re keen to see new ebooks as we release them, keep an eye on our new releases page
  • If you like to read what everyone else is reading, check out our top-selling ebooks

And in the near future, you’ll be able to search for the ebooks with the best reviews.


When you get to the page featuring the ebook, you can check how long it is, see any reader reviews, and read an outline of the story, before you decide to buy. From here, you can also link back to the writer’s profile page, where you can see their other available ebooks.

The writer’s profile page also provides an opportunity for you to learn a little more about the writer, their experience, and their interests. You can also see any thoughts or opinions they have posted.


Buying your ebook

When you buy an ebook from CUT, we create it especially for you, almost instantly. So if you wish, you can add a dedication or a personal comment to the inside front cover. Within seconds, your ebook is emailed to you, in formats to suit Kindle, iBooks, or any other type of e-reader.

When you register with CUT, or make your first purchase, we create an account for you. From then on, when you log in, you will be able to update your details, view your order history, or see the reviews you have made. And we have exciting plans for many other reader options to be added in the near future.


Feedback for writers

Your opinion of our ebooks is really important – to CUT and to our writers. So we make it very easy for you to leave a star rating, and a review if you wish, either from a link at the back of your ebook, or directly onto the site, as long as you are logged in.

Literature is very important to us. We believe that it’s essential for writers to be able to earn a living. CUT’s intention is to support quality writing, and assist aspiring writers. Our writers set the prices of their ebooks themselves; almost all are available for less than half the price of a cup of coffee!



Thank you for your interest. We look forward to providing you with great digital reading material, or e-publishing your work and making it available on the CUT site.

If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to email us at customerservice@cutalongstory.com

And if you’re interested in becoming a CUT writer, we suggest that you also take a look at the page ‘Sell your work’.


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