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RGL Management

RGL Management is a company which specialises in taking legal action on behalf of small and medium sized businesses. In many instances, these are group actions against banks, resulting from the behaviour of some of the banks in response to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. One example which has made headlines in all the mainstream press and TV, is that of the GRG division of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Because of the small size of the businesses which have been damaged, in many cases there has been much personal suffering by the individuals involved, and their families. Aside from the business elements of these cases, we strongly believe that the human side of some of these stories deserves to be told. So we have commissioned a short series of factual short stories, for publication on CUT, describing what happened to the individuals, and how their experiences proved to be truly life-changing.
They are disturbing, fascinating stories, which prove the old adage that the truth can be stranger than fiction.


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