Sell Your Work 


Selling your work on CUT is simple and free:

  • First register as a writer on the CUT and create an account.
  • Complete the requested information on the Writer Homepage
  • Read and sign our Writer’s Agreement (there is a brief summary below or you can click here)
  • Once you completed the above steps, you can then submit your first piece of work (in a MS Word document format). To do this, simply log in to your account and select 'Submit My Work'. A text document, a cover image and a story outline/information are required.


Key Points:

  • Your story will be digitised and turned into an elegantly presented e-book at no charge
  • You will have your own dedicated Writer Homepage, which you can use to tell potential readers about a little about yourself, present your writing and make it available for purchase. You can see an example of this page here.
  • You can link your own social media accounts to your Writer Homepage to promote your work (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • You set your own selling price and get 90% of all sale proceeds credited to your PayPal account. CUT takes only 10% to cover administration (sale proceeds are calculated after Paypal costs).


Please Note:

  • Not all work submitted to the site is accepted for publication. All submissions are vetted by our reading panel and a decision will be made based on the quality of the work. Please see our Editorial Policy for further information
  • If it is your first time submitting work to CUT, we recommend choosing just one strong piece to begin with.
  • We will endeavour to let you know if your submission has been successful or not within three weeks, though in busy periods this can take a little longer



CUT Writer’s Agreement - Summary:

When you register on CUT, you will be asked to sign our writer’s agreement, which offers an excellent deal to established and aspiring writers alike.

We suggest that you read the complete writer’s agreement in full here, but some key points are as follows:


  • CUT will make no charge for:
  • setting up your Writer Homepage - a great marketing tool for your work
  • light touch editing of successful submissions, and type setting it in our exclusive CUT584 format, developed with the input of National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE)
  • processing your work through our exclusive and innovative ‘e-book engine’ to convert it into an attractive, professional e-book, in two file formats, enabling it to be read on any e-reader, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC
  • Our Writers' Agreement is non-exclusive, so when your work is accepted and published on the site, you are still at liberty to also publish the creative content elsewhere, as long as you do not use CUT's formatted e-book
  • Before publication, you select the selling price for your e-book; after publication, you can amend this price whenever you wish
  • CUT pays you 90% of the gross sale proceeds, excluding Paypal costs. No hidden fees or VAT
  • The copyright in the work is credited to you at the front of every e-book, and is registered against a unique CUT-eBNum reference number
  • We add our exclusive CUT e-Tag, an invisible ‘watermark’ embedded into every e-book published by CUT, to protect your creative work from copyright abuse – this can be tracked if it is illegally shared online


Please follow these links to register as a writer and to submit your work.

Once you have created your Writer Homepage, and had your first piece accepted and published, we recommend you read these marketing tips for writers.


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