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(A short story of 5931 words)

A Fit Punishment

Crime and Thrillers

by Marvin Douglas

A victim of an attempted gang rape wreaks an appropriate revenge.

Nick took no notice of the two builders loading tools in the back of a battered van. Seconds later his world went black as a hood was pulled over his head. Simultaneously, both arms were wrenched behind his back and he was pulled backwards into the van.

“Right, Bill, now tip that bag of cement forward onto his legs while I tie his arms," said Dave.

Nick was twisting and turning furiously. Muffled obscenities came from the hood. But with arms tied tightly behind his back and his legs pinned under 50 kilos of cement, he was helpless. Nonetheless, he continued to scream and shout, contorting his body in all directions.

"We'd better encourage him to stop that, don't you think, Dave?" said Bill grinning.

"Reckon so," Dave replied, grabbing the ends of the cord which was threaded round the hood. "Can you hear me in there? Can you breathe alright?"

"Sod off," came the muffled reply.

"You'll change your mind soon – this bag‘s airtight."

Dave tied the cord quite loosely. "That should quieten him down a bit."

For a few seconds there were cries of "You bastards! What the bloody hell are you doing?" but the fight for air soon took over. Nick's breathing got heavier and heavier and faster and faster. Every time he breathed out some air escaped but as he tried to breathe in, the plastic lining sealed off any fresh air. Very soon the hood was collapsing tightly on his face as he tried desperately to breathe the little air remaining. Dave waited until Nick's efforts became slightly weaker before loosening the cord...

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