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(A short story of 1296 words)

A Flash In The Dark


by Rosie Cullen

A collection of three disturbingly dark flashes of fiction, Insomnia, In The End and LOL.

I can't sleep, I'm blaming the medication, one of the side-effects. Night after night with scarcely a wink. I have tried everything, believe you me, exercise machines to build up a sweat and wear myself out, meditation to a point of total relaxation, even god forbid, camomile tea. Nothing works. Well, drugs … but I am told they are contra to my medication and the thought of overdosing trips me out. So, I don't sleep, bottom line. They say it can drive you crazy. “What's new?” I laugh it off but of course they're right.

It's an old house, you know how it is when you have time to stop and listen to an old house? It's noisy. It speaks...

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